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Starting in 2017 the Paranormal Investigations Team will be starting vigils.Our finding will be posted on this page.

Upivest Location Report

Walter Street, Leigh

25th January 2017

Attending Investigators

Dave Horrocks

Emma Bate

Ian Plover

Christine Coldray

Dave Horrocks

On arrival at the location the team was greeted by the client who informed the team of the activity.

She explained that objects where moving, the sound of children laughing and coat arm lifting up.

Also the most active point of the house was the back bedroom.

At this point Emma Bate and Ian Plover investigated the entire house, while myself and Christine Coldray conducted the interview. (which was recorded)

When the interview was completed Ian and Emma returned.

I took the EMF meter and started in the kitchen at the door way leading from the living room to the kitchen there was a reading of 7.6. and a cold spot

I proceeded upstairs and halfway up there was a cold spot a reading of 7.2 registered.

I investigated the front bedroom and bathroom but no significant reading present.

In the back bedroom over the bed there was a reading of 26. And whist in the back bedroom I noticed on the landing a white small orb heading from stairs to the landing ceiling there was no draught that could cause this, and too large for dust particle.

I went to the attic but no readings.

I re-joined the team in the living room.

Both Emma and  Christine experienced cold spots between them. Mainly around Emma.

Ian identified that it was a family who died in a booming in ww2. It was their house previously

The family of a man woman and little girl.

I felt a cold spot near myself. I took a further reading of the door way to the kitchen  with Ian and still felt a cold spot.

From the back bedroom there was no further reading from the bed area.

I re-joined the team, Emma felt that there still was a cold spot as if someone was hugging her.

Both the team and client decided that a full vigil was not necessary. That the sprit was trying to say we are here acknowledge us. The client was relieved to learn that the sprits was friendly and happy for them to stay knowing who they are.

In conclusion  No vigil required however if any more activity to contact up vest.

Emma Bate

On arrival the house was very cold - all radiators were on. 

I sensed a presence of a man in the kitchen. There was a pocket of cold air near the entrance of the kitchen too.

Took photos, but there doesn't seem to appear to be anything untoward on them.

Myself and Ian Plover then had look around upstairs. On the landing i felt Luke i was being watched. As i walked in to the bathroom, i immediately got a pain in my lower abdomen (the feeling of a miscarriage) as i left the room, the pain subsided.

Didn't have much of a feeling in the front bedroom. 

The back bedroom however was very active. Felt the presence in there. Felt someone behind me. Very sad feeling in there.

As we went downstairs i sat on the couch and felt the presence of a little girl sat next to me (the name Kate or Katelyn springs to mind) my whole body had a chill. Then i felt as though she was sat on my knee. Meter readings and photos were taken around me but to no avail. Then i feel as though i was being hugged from behind.

I then saw a shadow figure stood in the kitchen.

Then i had a vision of an explosion. Possible due to war....but i feel it was something else....not sure what.

My evaluation is that its an active location but nothing sinister.

Christine Coldray

we were given a warm welcome by sam .dave then asked sam when all were sat down to expalan to the team the reason for us being there and what had been happening .

when sam had done this dave asked ian and emma if they wanted go look round the house to see if there was anything there .whislt they were doing this dave asked sam some pre set questions and taped the answers. when both emma and ian were finished on the look around sam made us a drink .whislt sam was doing this both emma and ian spoke to me and dave about what they had experienced .both had different feelings in all rooms .over drinks both ian and emma told sam what they had found and that there was a prescence there and that it was a happy one .

dave then went round with the evp meter to get readings from all rooms to see if they matched what both emma and ian had felt this did .

whislt the team were sat chatting with sam over drinks I felt a cold breeze pass by my side and then up and around my head as if it was leaving the room .emma then got a feeling or a small child sat near her looking up at her this matched what sam had heard small children laughing .during this ian was picking up other signs that there was a male and female prescence around this did agree with what sam had seen and felt .

this was said to b a happy family which just wanted to say that they wrere there this family sadly died during the bombings of world war 2 .

we left sams feeling happy that she was not in danger and that it was a happy family .the team advsised sam to keep up the dairy maybe speak to the family an d that if things did change to get in contact with the team .

sam sent the team a lovely message later that evening .

Ian Plover

Video Evidence - N/a

EMF - N/a

EVP - Top at 23.6 back bedroomg

Full Vigil Required